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If web access is filtered, please whitelist


For email notifications, please whitelist


iScout also uses a few 3rd party services including: (Google Maps) (Lesson Videos) (Lesson Videos)

Name Change FAQ

This section answers frequently asked questions regarding our name change:

What is the timeline for the name change?

  • Oct 5 - Soft Launch - domains are available for use (e.g. but are not yet the default. Both links ( and will continue to work during this period.
  • Oct 12 - iScout Live - branding switches over to iScout, becomes the default domain, app updates are released with iScout branding. will continue to work during this period to minimize disruption, but system-created links will point to
  • November - links to will show a deprecation warning, then will redirect to
  • Decemeber - links to will no longer work
NOTE: All dates are subject to change.

Will employees have to download a new app?

No, employees will not have to download a new app. On Oct 12 an update will be available that contains the new app name and branding. Employees who have automatic updates enabled will automatically see the new app on their device. Employees who do not update the app will not see a disruption until December (but we recommend updating immediately).

What domains/emails do I need to whitelist?

See the top of this page. The short answer is * and

Will all my employees have to login again?

No, employees will not have to login again (for the most part). For employees using browsers that support 3rd-party cookies (all major browsers except Safari) should already be authenticated for their website.

Do I have to whitelist youtube and/or vimeo?

It depends. Our learning management system (LMS) gives you the option to link to videos on Vimeo and YouTube. If you elect to use those services, then they would need to be whitelisted for employees to view the content.

Where can I ask more questions?

Email [email protected], call 1-833-497-2688, or submit a ticket.